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“In a very real way, designers create the human environment.”

—William McDonough, Architect, Designer and Author

My designs are inspired by my love of people. I create beautiful, functional, inviting spaces where people feel at home, inside and out.


For me design is much more than fixtures and finishes or having a good eye. It’s understanding your lifestyle and helping you live within your space more comfortably. It’s seeing the character and potential of your home and pairing it with modern comfort and convenience. It’s figuring out the finishing touches you didn’t know you were missing. It’s using my intuitive sense of hospitality to create spaces with an intangible feeling of belonging. I want you to have a place you want to come home to and where your guests want to come and stay.


Because I grew up in a large bicultural family, relationships and communication are at the heart of who I am and everything I do. I can’t separate how much I value human connection from my work as a designer. It infuses my design plans and enhances my collaboration with both clients and contractors.



Fabiana is an accomplished designer specializing in interior design, based in Madrid, Spain. With a background in communication and a specialization in design and art direction, Fabiana seamlessly blends artistic creativity with formal education.

Having joined our studio in 2022, Fabiana contributes her artistic flair to the world of interior design. She brings a fresh perspective and a commitment to collaborative teamwork. Her approach transforms ideas into functional and captivating spaces that uniquely mirror individual identities.

Focused on crafting enduring interiors, Fabiana's meticulous attention to detail and passion for storytelling result in spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and deeply meaningful. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, her ultimate goal is to materialize interior design visions that radiate beauty, functionality, and purpose.

As an Associate Designer, she looks forward to combining her expertise with your aspirations, curating interior experiences that leave a lasting impact.

"Let's create something beautiful together"

I look forward to getting to know you and creating your ideal space to gather your loved ones.
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